Upcoming presentations

Thu 23 nov, 20h00 (earlier post)
Less than four weeks from now we welcome PETE WHITTAKER (UK)! So join the gathering and maybe learn some secrets on how he worked his way up an unmeasurable massif, through cracks no one ever reached. We'll also hear about a trip of our own FRÉ LEYS!

Thu 14 dec, 20h00
We're expecting a climber-musician trio! Leuven's SIEBE VANHEE! And Piolet d'Or winners SEAN VILLANUEVA O'DRISCOLL and NICOLAS FAVRESSE! An audiovisual presentation will reveal their journey high up Chilean Patagonia. Be prepared for horrific snowy weather, technical difficulties while cooking and sleeping on the wall, and a breathtaking super technical bigwall yet to be freeclimbed! Where? The northface entrance of the yellow indicated building on KUL's Parkstraat campus.

Link to FB events:
- Pete Whittaker and Fré Leys
- Notes from the wall: Siebe Vanhee, Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse


  • Tue 3 oct, 22h00 at LUAK (see pic): Introduction evening;
  • Thu 5 oct, 22h00 at LUAK: Another chance to come listen to an introductory presentation by our president Hendrik;
  • Sun 8 oct, 8h30 at Spuye Leuven:
    Rock initiation day to the crags of Pont-à-Lesse;
  • Thu 12 oct, 20h30 at LUAK: Another intro and LUAK night;
  • Sun 15 oct, 8h30 at Spuye Leuven: Last initiation day, to steep rocks in Beez (Rochers de Marche-les-Dames);
  • Tue 17 oct, 19h00 at Spuye Leuven:
    Carpoolnight to Boulder Herent;
  • Thu 19 oct, 22h00 at LUAK:
    LUAK night + inscription for the weekend;
  • Sat-Sun 21-22 oct at Freyr: Campfire;
  • Wed 25 oct, 18h00 at KUL Campus Arenberg Heverlee:
  • Another organisation screens an Outdoor Film Fest (LOFF);

  • Thu 26 oct, 22h00 at LUAK: LUAK night.

Start Academic Year

Ignition! Time for the aula, time to look for nearby climbing halls (;)) and time to announce one of multiple events ahead.

Thursday the 23th of November, our little country's crack climbs, and our club, will have a visit of Pete Whittaker the British world-class climber.

There should be plenty of 'cracking' stories, solo shenanigans, taking the piss out of Tom (as he's not there), and the odd Huber impression thrown in for good measure. Should be a laugh!

- Pete

PS: Luak's open every Thursday night. Moreover starting from next week there will be lots of introductory opportunities.

UPCOMING (introduction evenings)

Soon the academic year takes off again. LUAK will dedicate the first three LUAK evenings to introduction. These nights will be the ideal moment to get acquainted with our students club. Of course all existing members are also welcome and memberships can be renewed.

You find more info on the poster (left) and on Facebook (links below). Besides you can pre-register on our website and already access some extra pages. The evenings are followed by introduction rock days. We might see you soon!


In about four weeks we'll have our barbecue! It's the chance to say goodbye, with music, and conclude our 45th schoolyear, (make summer plans!), propose the LUAK board for next year, and generally assemble ourselves. So if you have comments and ideas you can also discuss them.

We bring the fire, the cold drinks and extra food with plates. You bring something to put on the fire, and preferably some reusable cutlery.

Register (15th - 23th of July)

The summermeet was quite talked about last weeks.

Some checked agendas, family's or boyfriend's agendas. Some wondered if Chamonix Mont-Blanc is as daunting as it sometimes looked... (If you mean 'not accessible': nope!).

For further practical organisation we now kindly invite all the interested people to fill in this form where we collect your contact e-mail, your wishes and your possible plans, for the sake of further communication and planning.

PS: You might already seek mountain boots and glacier sunglasses.


Yesterday, special act Mangroove shook our headquarters!
No one expected the spell to strike sudden as it did. Jammed together we were taken in a vortex by the guiding singer and ever improvising musicians (like our very own surprise Linus on the Alto Sax)! A party that for many just didn't stop.

We can already announce that the BBQ will be held on Friday the 30th of June at 7pm. Ride out those last deadlines and good luck studying!


Dear climber-musicians and -dancers,

Friday it's time again for an official party! You may expect live acts inside, fiery stuff outside. Friends are also very welcome! Entrance is free.

Next, LUAK saves its special activities till the barbecue. As chestnuts are starting to throw shadows over our streets, exams are approaching. Consequently we'll try not to tempt each other into non-studying activities, when the evenings feel already hot, and dark is late. Everyone is still welcome Thursday nights!


Prepare (15th - 23th of July)

Birds are awakening and exams are ogling. Summer is far-off, then again, we can already make minimal plans for the great summer when we get together. The place to be is Chamonix Mont-Blanc!

The region holds a lot of opportunities for alpinism, but the forests also hide diverse rock climbing crags. Moreover here you can find boulders, trailruns, hiking trails and the greenblue Lac Blanc (what's in a name).


  • Read for multiday alpinism explorations.
  • Get in shape for granite and gneiss.
  • And save the date: 15th - 23th of July.

Luak wins Gold in Ghent

Yesterday the annual Belgian Student Boulder Championship was held! Consequently, our club sent a delegation to Ghent.

In the women's competition Liuba won gold for the KULeuven. In the men's competition Koen and Hendrik shared the 8th rank, for the honour of-respectively-the KULeuven and the UC Leuven-Limburg.

Congrats to everyone who participated in the game. Now back to rock climbing.