LUAK (Leuvense Universitaire Alpinisten Klub) is the University alpine club of Leuven. We are a climbing club for students, but also non-students are welcome!

We organize activities which are either directly or indirectly related to climbing (rock climbing, alpinism, tour skiing, iceclimbing,...). Every sunday we go climb together in the Ardennes. Those who want some more, can arrange trips themselves. Often people make plans to climbing abroad like in the Alps or other mountain ranges inside and outside Europe. This one of the benefits of our club: You get to know other people who share the same interest for climbing and often are more experienced.
The second part of our activities ranges from educative over interesting stuff to parties. Slideshows, lectures,rope technique evening, avalanche workshop, first aid and a barbeque or fiesta latina...

We get together every thursday night at 22h00 in our clubhouse. When there is no special activity, we just talk and have a beer. During these evenings you can borrow climbing equipment. Ropes, quickdraws, ice axes, ... are available to borrow by paying a warrant which you get back upon returning the equipment. Very useful for students and foreigners who's climbing stuff is still at home.

But also very important are our initiation days where we learn our members to climb independantly on the rocks These initiations are organized in october (see calendar). We visit different climbing areas in Belgium and teach the necessary rope techniques and climbing skills.