Become a member

Becoming a member of the LUAK is easy!

Want to know what the LUAK is all about and register?
Every year during October we organize info nights to explain and show everything the LUAK does. A perfect night to become a member, just pass by.

Any other time you can register by

  1. Registering Since we are changing our website this year we manage the registrations with a simple google form!
    Both new and existing members have to sign up using the Register link pointing to the google form
  2. Pay the appropriate amount to the bank account # noted at the bottom of the page (The regular membership fee is 20€, But there's a discount of 5€ for new members of for members who chose LUAK as their main club on their KBF membership)
  3. Pass by the LUAK on a thursday night to get your membership card (grants you the Kariboe discount. Supporting members do not get the membership card!)

Having some trouble or questions? contact us at or pass by the clubhouse on a Thursday night after 22h.

What's the advantage of becoming a member?

  • Meet other people passionate about climbing
  • Learn to climb outdoors in an informal way through our (free) initiations or by climbing together with any of the experienced members
  • Get together every week and discuss your latest ascents over a cheap but delicious beer
  • Meet at the Spuye (see our points of interest) every Sunday to carpool to the beautiful Belgian crags
  • Need a climbing partner? Easier than ever
  • Get access to the member section of the website, which includes the (in)famous wist-je-datjes (petty facts) and lots more
  • Join us on our trips to Fontainebleau, the Alps...
  • Get a 20% discount at the best outdoor shop around: Kariboe

Expensive? of course not!
New members only have to pay 15 euros, active members 20 and if you're an active member but you chose LUAK as your main club on your KBF membership then you only pay 15€.

Can I climb Belgian rock now?
Not just yet. To climb Belgian rock, joining LUAK is not enough. You'll have to become a member of the KBF to be allowed to do so. If you become KBF member you'll have to select a club. If you chose LUAK in that list you'll receive 5€ discount on your membership. Visit their website at:

More information can be found in this presentation, This is the information that is being shown on the info evenings as well

The bank account number of LUAK is
IBAN: BE03 7340 3133 8584