Become a member 23-24

Since we are transitioning to a new website this year. Everyone who wants to be a member (new and old members) have to click on the "register (google form)" link in the right hand column. All further information can be found in the form :)

For new members: we have 2 info evenings on 28 september and 5 october at 8pm in our clubhouse! The weekends following the info evenings there will be rock initiations check the calendar or pass by on the info evening for more information!

Start of the academic year

This week we have our info evenings (4 & 6 october from 20h in our club house). Here you get plenty of information about who we are and what we do. The two following weekends we also have our initiation weekends on rock! Pass by the info evening or send us an email for more information!
Below you can find the link of the presentation that is given during the info evening:

50 Year weekend

LUAK was founded (as a branch of SPEKUL) in 1972, that means we are 50 years old now! To celebrate this we will have a fun weekend from 16 to 18 september filled with climbing, BBQ, nostalgic climbing stories, more climbing in Freyr, and a little concert by old(er) LUAK members.

Everyone is welcome! Make sure to register with the following link, so we have enough food, the deadline is 31 Augustus, if you decide to come later you will have to fix your own food.


Info evenings and initiations 2022

If you are interested in climbing and want to join LUAK, you should definitely pass by on one of our info evenings. This year the info evenings will take place on 4 and 6 October, at 8pm in our clubhouse (Minderbroederenstraat 52).

Later in October (9 and 16) we will do some rock-climbing initiations, where you can try rock climbing without needing any prior experience. For more info and to register, make sure to pass by on one of our info-evenings.

LOLL (Lots Of Luak Love)

Start new academic year 2020-2021

helloooww luak people and interested people,

The new academic year is closing in and with that also the start of a new luak year. This means of course new initiations, info evenings, lots of climbing and lots of fun. however... you have probably heard by now that there is some new kind of virus in town that hinders the normal course of events :( That's why, this year, you will have to sign up for our info evenings.

for the first one on tuesday 29/09 (20h) use this link:

Summer meet Ailefroide (13-21/07)

Hey folks,

The borders of Europe will officially reopen on 15th of june. This means that we can make plans for a summer meet. In order to speed up the process, we chose that Ailefroide will be the destination for this year. Ailefroide lies in a beautiful valley in the ecrins and offers all you could want. (From a 4000m alpine climb to multipitches of 500m (both on walking distance in the valley as higher up in the mountains). But also bouldering and singlepitch climbing is possible for those who want to take a chill day or don't have experience in the longer stuff.

LUAK clothes order 2019-2020

Dear most motivated climbers in Belgium (possibly the world),

Now you can order the most awesome clothes: LUAK t-shirts and hoodies!Perfect for announcing to the world you are a real climber, fun and very very stylish
Fill in THIS form before 26th of November to get personalized t-shirts and hoodies. Transfer the right amount of money to our account and state what you ordered with your name.