Happy New Year!

To all students: good luck with the exams! We'll be serving some ice cream at LUAK next thursday to get you through them. We've also added the next LUAK events to the calendar. Some extra events are still in the pipeline.

After the exams the next climbing semester starts! We'll organise carpools to climbing gyms in Brussels/Antwerp/Limburg... to make up for our loss in Leuven (RIP Hungaria!). Keep an eye out on our facebook page to be in the loop. We'll start on Frebuary 9th, meeting at Spuye at 19h30! On other days you're most likely to find us at the new bouldergym in Herent (http://www.boulder.one).

Talking about Hungaria RIP, there is a goodbye party organised (not by us) on the 15th of January. LUAK will be represent!! More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1638495353073896/

PS: This weekend the memberships on the website will be reset. This means that all members from 2014 that haven't yet subscribed this year will no longer have access to the member section.

A new climbing year is around the corner

The X-MAS party is behind us, new bets are made and the board gathered to discuss the new year. Keep an eye out on the website to be the first to know the dates for the Fontainebleau weekend, a new climbing gym tour (giving an alternative to the closing of Hungaria), our proposal for the summer meet, etc etc...

Along with the new year there's also a change coming for the website: we'll start using the forum on the website instead of a separate forum. This means you'll only have to log in once! We'll keep the old forum in legacy mode to not lose all the spicy topics ;)

The new forum can be found HERE. The old one is still available http://luak.studentenweb.org/forum/
We're still tuning the new one (colors, sizes etc... suggestions welcome)

Keep in mind that for the next 2 weeks the LUAK will be closed so you'll have the time to study! We'll be back on January 7th and deliver some pancakes and ice cream on 14th of January.

PS: we will be resetting memberships soon (people that were a member last year but not yet this year will change status on the website), so the ones that are not a member of LUAK yet this year please sign up so you can continue to enjoy your website- and other benefits!
In case you are a member this year and notice something's wrong (no access to the member section for example), please contact us!

X-MAS Party!

The legendary Christmas Party is coming up! you're all welcome this Friday (18/12/2015), 22pm, at LUAK headquarters. It'll be a great night to look back on your awesome climbing trips and make plans for even cooler and crazier climbs in 2016!

PS: For those of you that lost their bets, don't forget to bring the loot ;)

Join us

On our next events! Coming week we start with the climbing gym tour on Tuesday. The 3rd of November we go to the new boulder gym in Herent. For those of you who haven't been there, it's awesome!

The weekend of the 7th of November we're off to the magic forest: Fontainebleau! Don't forget to pass by the LUAK on the Thursday before to arrange carpooling.

Apart from the arranged events we try to head outside every weekend. Especially on Sundays in case of good weather we meet at Spuye around half past 9 and head to Freyr. If you don't have a climbing partner you can always fiend friends at the LUAK evenings, at the gym, during our events or on our Facebook page!

Check the calendar for all our events!

It's Freyr Time!

Don't forget, this weekend it's time for the epic Freyr weekend. The weather report looks OK and together with the local Freyr climate ;) I'm sure it will be great! Tonight at the LUAK you can pass by to already arrange some car pooling.

Make sure to check out the calendar also, some more goodness is coming up like the Fontainebleau weekend, presentations...

A new LUAK year is about to start!

Just as Sendtember (the new and improved September including hard sends due to crisp temperatures) started we are preparing for the new year. The calendar for the first semester is now available. It's a google calendar so you can add it to your own calendar application!

Don't forget to pass by the infonights (24st of September and 1st of October) to register for the new year! You can speed up the process by already registering here on the website. All you have to do then at the infonight is pay up ;).

After the infonights we start with 2 climbing sundays at the Belgian crags. Come join us to get a feel of the rock and get psyched for the epic Freyr weekend that comes after!

BBQ this friday

This Friday, the 26th of June at 7 pm we're having our general meeting and barbecue at the Luak HQ instead of a regular club meeting on Thursday. The concept is simple: you bring your meat, tofu or whatever, a plate and cutlery; we offer the fire, drinks and side dishes.

Straffe Party with Fishtail - This Friday

This Friday we're throwing another Straffe Party at Luak!
We'll start serving cocktails and specialty beers at 10 PM in the clubhouse. Save the date, spread the word, come early and bring your friends to enjoy an exclusive live performance of the band Fishtail featuring our very own Linus.

Because everyone will be at the party on Friday, the clubhouse will be closed on Thursday!

Knots & ropes & initiation day

The days are getting longer again, the climbing conditions start to look sweet and we enjoyed a great weekend bouldering in Fontainebleau. Do you still remember how it feels to touch limestone? How to belay the lead climber? How to clean a route? In case the answer on those questions would be ‘no’, we have good news for you! Next Thursday (19/03) there will be a knot- and ropeskill workshop at the clubhouse starting at 10 pm, where we will be explaining all the necessary stuff again. On Sunday (22/03) we’ve scheduled another initiation day at the rocks in Freyr.