The time to register

Is now!

The new website runs on a different system than the old one, which means you'll have to register for a new account. Really easy though, just click here or register on the right!

The forum is (and will stay) still the same though, so no need to make a new forum account. You don't have a forum account yet? click forum and register there too ;-) It's the nr 1 spot to waste time during the exams, during work,...

For those who want to know: we migrated to Drupal while the previous website used Joomla. We're convinced Drupal will stick since it's easy to use and has a huge community (and thus support).

To summarize:
register on the new website (also needed if you already had an account on the old website.)
register on the forum (only needed if you didn't have a forum account yet)

New website

A new year, a new jacket for the LUAK website. While all the old information and functionality was kept, there are some new features (like comments!) and we hope to integrate even more coolness in the future. If you encounter anything quirky, have questions, suggestions or anything else to announce, please let us know in the comments or mail.

Take a look around and register!

Registered LUAK members get access to the member section with the (in)famous wist-je-datjes, the bets, shoutbox...