Climbing Exposition Night!

This thursday LUAK will host a presentation by three different (teams of) climbers, as they come to show us what they have achieved the past year. It'll be a fun and cosy way to meet other climbers, talk about climbing, and listen to climbing stories!

The three topic will be:

1. Presentation of a documentary of the ArribaBolivia-project with climbers Bram Boelens, Evelien Boogaerts, Koen Rombouts en Servaes Timmerman who travelled to Bolivia to bolt some rock their and make climbing available to the locals.

2. Presentation by the Mount Coach 4 team about their bigwall expedition to Kirgizië.

3. Bart Vaganée would like to share his stories from his Alpine Summer Roadtrip.

Be there - Thursday, 19h30 @ MSI 00.20 - or be square!

Lots of alcohol will be provided!

Go to the facebook event.