MUST HAVE LUAK clothes?!

Since a few days ordering LUAK-clothes is up again. How does it work? Easy:

  1. Choose your clothes: catalogues will be laying around at LUAK or check out the online catalogues: OR If you are lazy and you don’t want to browse the catalogue we picked out a shirt and a hoodie, it is marked in the catalogue or you find the link on the form. You will have to choose the color, size and print though.
  2. Choose your print: more info on the form.
  3. Place your order: online via our webforms or on paper at LUAK
    Link for lazy people:
    Link customized clothing:
  4. Pay an deposit of 5 euro per piece of clothing. This amount should be paid to the LUAK account: BE03 7340 3133 8584. If we don’t receive the deposit, your order get cancelled.
  5. Get your clothes and pay the remaining part. Prices are in the catalogue, count about 10 euro s extra per print (these are estimated prices, actual price can be cheaper or more expensive).

You can order up to November 9th, we hope to have your clothes ready by the Christmas party!